Friday, March 10, 2017

Lying Hypocrites - The Story of Paul and Chuck, and Their Minions

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Tell you what... since We the People, not we the lemmings, are paying for Paul Ryan and Chuck Schumer's health plan, I think it is time we get the same type of policy.

For too long, there has been bipartisan disdain by the Members of Congress (MC) from both Houses for the people of this country. They feel annoyed, actually, that we would dare to question their motives, as they have rewarded themselves with perks that they decry CEO's of big businesses and banks from having.

For example: 

Did you know that once someone becomes a MC, his or her retirement plan payout is the same as their annual salary? Raise your hand if you enjoy THAT perk.

Did you know that MC have free health care, and by free, I mean they pay no premiums or have deductibles? With everything covered? And so do their staffs? I bet you pay dearly for YOUR health care.

Did you know that they have free lifetime membership in the House gym? How is your gym membership working for you? I pick things up and put them down.

Did you know that a MC works roughly 135 days a year, if that? I know, they go back to their districts and see what the people want and need. Right. For about two or three hours a week

Did you know that we pay for their DC staff AND their home district staffs, AND their salaries plus benefits? Plus office space? And mailings, and cell phones, and office supplies and on and on and on. If you were in business, YOU would be paying for ALL of that. I know, because I did.

So, don't think Paulie, or Chuckie, or Lizzie or Mitch give a $#!+ about you. They don't. If they did, they would be enjoying your benefits and pensions and gym memberships. But, if course, how dare we think they would lower themselves to a subservient standard?

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Oh, and one more tidbit of hypocrisy. If you are a disgraced MC who was forced to resign for committing sex crimes with minors, like, uhm, say, Anthony Weiner, you don't go to jail like a lemming as you or I would. Nope. You get to live your life on the outside and get to enjoy all your perks like any other MC. And even run for another office.

It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, a Trump supporter or Hillary supporter. You should be as pissed off as I am. On this, we should ALL be in agreement. Enough with the perks.

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Trust me. It is all a show, smoke and mirrors, pani e circi, to entertain the masses, to keep us quiet. And even the useless media goes along. 

Lying Hypocrites, indeed.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The (Non) State of the Union Address

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I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have been trying to stay out of the fray as President Trump puts together an Administration which will be responsive to ALL American's wants and needs, while enlisting the help and cooperation of the #NeverTrump people and the Democrats in the Congress

Too bad Senator Chuckie did not find this event to be the opportunity to swallow his pride and figuratively stand next to the President, showing a little bi-partisan support that he babbled about so much during the Obama years. Instead, it was evident that he doesn't have the guts to be the man we all need the leader of the loyal opposition to have. He has shown that he is truly a petulant wuss, who wants to pick up his marbles and go home. 

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As far as Granny Pelosi is concerned, she really needs to start thinking about staying home to play with her grandchildren. She is a real embarrassment to the Democrats who felt she was the best choice among all the Democrats in the House. Her time has passed.


And what was with the white jackets and blue buttons? Did TJ Maxx have a sale that only Democrat women heard about? It looked so foolish.

Last night, Donald Trump finally proved why he was elected President. He was strong, forthright, clear and reasoned. I thought for a moment Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy was addressing the Congress. For me, these men were the last great Republican and the last great Democrat to be elected and serve as out President. I know it was only one speech, but President Trump hit all buttons and all topics, some of which should have had Democrats cheering as loudly as the Republicans were

But, of course, they chose to continue to lick their wounds. And the way they raced out of the House chambers looked eerily like the way some people race out of the Church during the Communion. Was the meter running? Was there a one hour sale at Walmart? Or did they have to return those hideous jackets and stupid buttons by 10:30 or be charged another days' fee?

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I think JFK prophesied this speech so well in 1961, when he said: "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future." That seemed to be the overall message and tone of the President's message last night. At least that was how I heard it. I also heard a bit of Reagan's Inaugural address from 1981, where he said, "Government is not the solution to the problem; government IS the problem."

The President seemed to channel these great men last night. And I found it refreshing.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Observations By a Jets Fan

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I have to preface that I am a long-time, long-suffering Jets fan, since they were the Titans playing in the old Polo Grounds in 1961. The Boston, and now, New England Patriots have been a nemesis since then.

Having says this, there are several observations I would like to make. 

Newsday, the paper of record for Long Island, demanded in Sunday's paper that Tom Brady had to "Prove It" (it's headline and story) that he was the greatest quarterback ever by winning the Super Bowl. If he did not, the implication was that he was all fluff.

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Bill Belichick has proven that even in the most ignominious, lopsided score, he didn't give up as so many other coaches, who are in the HOF by the way, have done because it was an embarrassment to them. Instead, he looked at his playbook and found an epiphany waiting for him. At this point, he can do no more to earn his spot in the HOF.

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Roger Goodell needs to apologize to Brady, Belichick, Robert Kraft and to the American people for thinking his opinions count for anything and just go away. He is wrong for this game. He is nothing more than a circus clown, which I despise, in a $600 suit

And finally, congratulations are in order to the New England Patriots, who faced a world of adversity at the beginning of the season, a 28 to 3 third quarter deficit and made history by mounting the greatest comeback ever in post season and Super Bowl history with a 34 to 28, first time ever, overtime win

It really can't be any sweeter than that.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Marking Time to Spring and Warm

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Today, I am taking a break from writing a political commentary, even though there are so many issues I could comment on. As much as you, sometimes I need a break from the subjects which have made us a polarized society and country.

In addition, today is the Big Day, the mid-winter classic, the game thirty-two teams looked to play in back in July when they assembled for training camp, in the heat of the summer. The Super Bowl is down to two, the upstart Atlanta Falcons and the perennial contestant, the New England Patriots. 
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And yet, even as a die-hard football fan, while I will be watching, (as a Jets fan, I am rooting against the Patriots, although they will win, 27-24, late) I am not writing about this either. 

Instead, I am writing about one of my markers which gets me through the winter, Pitchers and Catchers. Ah, yes, a marker which marks time to warmer weather, leaves on trees and no snow or cold to deal with.

A week from today, my Mets are expected to report to Port Saint Lucie, their winter home, where the palm trees blow and the expectations are so exciting. Can't you just feel it

I know that many of you are not Mets fans, and that's just fine with me. But you are just as excited for your team, whether they train in Scottsdale, Tampa, West Palm Beach or Fort Myers. And you can feel the sensation of the warm, even if only inside you, as you think about Spring Training. Go ahead, admit it.

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The truck carrying all the equipment, uniforms and other supplies left Citifield on Friday, to a big fanfare, as many loyal fans of the Orange and Blue assembled at the ballpark to see it off. It is such an exciting event, with players, coaches and management all present for the big sendoff. And everyone was talking about the big expectations we all have for our beloved Amazin's for this season and the seasons to come.

Resigning Cespedes and Walker and Salas and Blevins were key moves made by the team to ensure a return to the playoffs and of course, to the World Series. Even the moves not made will be pluses. But there are no guarantees; on paper they will contend, but the reality is that the games must be played and won.

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That, too, is the excitement of this week, knowing that in seven days, that marker leads to the next one, which is Daylight Savings and then the next, which is Opening Day. It is all just so perfect how quickly winter disappears after Christmas as we mark time to warm weather.

So, today as you go to your Super Bowl party, eating the cool foods you would NEVER ingest at any other time, drinking your favorite beverage, whether a soft drink or hard, celebrating the Other Day that ALL Americans cherish, like Thanksgiving, just remember that the cold is almost gone. Soon enough, there will be beaches and picnics and long summer nights to enjoy. 

Finally, just remember what Garret Morris, aka Chico Escuela, used to say back in the day: "Baseball has been very, very good to me." And yes, it is still our National Pastime

Because a week from today, Pitchers and Catchers will report to camp.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Petulance, Grandstanding and Gridlock - Still!!

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Who was the idiot in the Senate who told the Democrats to not show up and vote on Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Steven Mnuchin and Tom Price? What are you?? Petulant children??? 

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If it were Senator Chuckie, well, he showed he is no leader at all. Just so you know, Senator, a leader is someone who can suck it up, realize he will lose and still have the b@ll$ to face defeat bravely. You, sir, are none of this.

Worse, if you directed someone to do this, then you definitely have no understanding or respect for the Constitution. Bad enough, 60-odd Representatives decided to stay away from the Inauguration of President Trump, but to not even have the guts to stand up and be counted is just a shame on all those who think this is acceptable to the American People.

If you were in the private sector, Senators, you would be docked for not showing up for work with no approved and acceptable reason. I think the American People, your employers, deserve an explanation for your insubordinate behavior
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And saying you don't like Trump or his nominations is NOT acceptable. Your job is to give each nominee a fair hearing and then vote up or down. You don't get to chose to stay away. Or didn't anyone explain this to you when you were sworn in on January 3? Uhm... Did they really have to?

In case you don't remember, it didn't work in Wisconsin when the Democrats in the legislature took a ride to Rockford, Illinois in order not to do THEIR jobs. Only the threat of arrest forced them to come back.

This is why the people hold the Congress in contempt, with a disapproval of 76%, as of January 8. And before this poll, that percentage was over 80% disapproval five times in 2016. By the way, it was over 75% eleven out of twelve months last year and at 74% the other month.

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Are you paying attention, Chuckie? Be a leader, a real leader, and stand up to take your medicine. Right now, you are a very hated Member of Congress.

Get to work, Senators. We are tired of your pointless grandstanding. And we are tired of the gridlock.

Do your fooking jobs!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Three Days, Three Embarrassments

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Apparently, Chucky Schumer wants to get an award for Best Actor in a Crying Role by showing how well he can release the alligators at a moments' notice. Sorry Chucky, that still belongs to POTUS44.

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You are a pitiful actor and more so, a pitiful Senator whose views on the same subject spin on a dime, depending who occupies 1600. In 2011, you said nothing when the previous president banned Iraqis and again in 2015 when you wanted to study the refugee issue. 

Hmmmm. Sounds a lot like you have no principles other than that controlled by the political winds. You are a worthless excuse to be the Senior Senator from the State of New York. You are, ultimately, an embarrassment.

Speaking of POTUS44, which I resist to do so, he now has come back from his vacation and has decided to be a gnat on the @$$ of the current POTUS. But, that's ok. That's all he is. A gnat, you know, one of the lowest forms of insects.

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Unlike POTUS43, POTUS42 and all the others, POTUS44 doesn't want to follow the decorum of HIS predecessors by keeping his mouth shut. Bad enough, that he doesn't know how to do that. In addition, he thinks he still can gin up his base by encouraging the snowflakes to protest, no matter what President Trump does. That, too, is an embarrassment.

Hey, Obama. I know you couldn't follow the Constitution, because you didn't really support it. But sadly, you don't have any respect for the office you held, either. 

As for the travel ban, I guess the people protesting didn't bother to read and understand the meaning. Just so you know, it isn't an anti-Muslim ban, even though the Left Steam Media is reporting it that way. It is about protecting US, you know, YOU and ME from seven countries which sponsor or cannot protect against Radical Islam

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As the old expression goes, "I lock my doors, not because I hate everyone outside of my home, but because I love everyone inside of my home." Smarten up, people. You are embarrassing yourselves by acting like Soros' sheeple.

Three situations, three embarrassments. Sometimes, it is better to remain silent and be thought the fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump, Trains and Real "Shovel - Ready"

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One of my friends gave me a great line today: "President Trump has done three years work in four days."

That about sums it up, at least so far.

And, apparently, the investors on Wall Street think so, too. After all, the Dow closed at 19,742 on January 19, which was 62 points lower than the prior close. In fact, all the Markets were substantially lower on the last full day of Barack Obama's Presidency.

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And on Wednesday, January 25, four business days into the Trump Administration, the Dow finally hit, and then closed, over 20,000 for the first time ever. I don't know what you think, but I believe investors, both big and small, are confident that what they have seen since Friday is making them warm and fuzzy about America's future economy.

Restarting the pipeline, building a wall and freezing regulations where they are all point to people going back to work, with meaningful jobs, and being able to provide for their families while spending more money in all facets of the economy. This is the real meaning of "shovel - ready" jobs and opportunities.

Now, if I were a Member of Congress, whether as a Representative or as a Senator, I would rethink my narrow views of "all about me" and instead, hitch my @$$ to a seat on the Trump train. Being obstinate and obstructionist, like good old Senator Chucky is right now, is not going to work anymore with the American people. The people want action, not empty words, and want it done NOW.

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This goes for the Senior Senator from Arizona, as well. We don't care about your moralistic, morose and delaying tactics, Johnny. We want America First.

Members of Congress, you seem to have forgotten that you work for us, We the People. President Trump understands this and said as much in his Inaugural Address. Maybe because he really is one of US and not one of YOU. But he gets it.

With apologies to the late, great Johnny Cash:

I hear a train a-coming, it's rolling 'round the bend. And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when. At least, not until January 20, when Trump stopped the draggin' on. But now that train keeps a-rollin', on down to San Antone. Right across America. From sea to shining sea.

People around the Country, join hands on the Trump Train. We are in for a great ride.

ALL Aboard!!